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Blyth Academy Online is an academically respected private online elementary and high school in Ontario offering over 160 Ontario Secondary School Diploma courses. We provide the flexibility to complete courses at your own pace, on your own schedule with access to the teacher support they need. Students can enrol in our full-time program with a full course load or take a single course to earn single credits at a time. We provide students with the flexibility to study and earn credits anywhere in the world at their own learning pace.

We are Ontario Ministry-inspected and adhere to all provincial standards.
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Blyth Academy Online credit courses fulfill the online learning requirement needed for students to obtain their Ontario Secondary School Diploma.

Ways To Take Courses

With Blyth Academy Online, students can choose the flexibility of taking a full-year eight course program, or earn single credits by taking individual online courses at a time. 

Elementary School

With a comprehensive curriculum spanning grades 6 to 8, Blyth Academy Online offers elementary school students a diverse range of subjects including Math, Science, Language Arts, French, Art, Social Studies, Geography, and History, aligning with Ontario's curriculum guidelines. Our courses are designed with web 2.0 pedagogy, enhancing engagement and interaction, while also allowing students to explore a variety of interactive content formats.

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High School

With over 160 online private high school courses plus SAT preparation to choose from, Blyth Academy Online allows high school students to have the opportunity to take an extra credit or two at any time and from anywhere. Our courses allow students to maintain their home school while reaching forward for academic success. Fees are competitive and extras like e-textbooks and live teacher support are included.

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Blyth Academy Online offers certificates for specialized combinations of courses. Certificates are a great way to show universities, colleges, and employers that you are interested in a specialized area and have gone above and beyond to become an expert in that field. Certificates look great on post-secondary applications, resumes and LinkedIn profiles.

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Blyth Academy Online offers over 160 online Ontario elementary and high school courses for students to choose from. Our courses cover all areas of the curriculum and are developed and taught by Blyth Academy teachers who are trained in the effective delivery of an exemplary online learning experience. Courses run on an easy-to-use online learning platform with modular units indicating time commitment, learning goals, and curriculum expectations.

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Complimentary Tutoring Service Available

Blyth Academy Online brings you online learning reinvented with access to Ontario-based school teachers or international subject matter experts. This includes unlimited live support for any online Math or Science course, writing support for eligible courses with significant writing components, and support for select specialty courses. The way online learning should be.

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