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Greet Riya.
Found flexible schedules that lead to high academic and athletic success.

When school ends early every day, it leaves plenty of time for extracurriculars – including training in gymnastics to compete on the National level.   

Just ask Riya.  

In my old public school that ended in late afternoon, I always had to leave early and miss over half the school day for training, forcing me to have many sleepless nights catching up. At Blyth Academy, having the school day end at 1:10 p.m. is a dream come true. I don’t have to miss any school and can stay on top of all my assignments and tests. It’s provided the perfect balance so that I never had to choose one over the other.”  

The quadmester schedule with two subjects per term only requires students to be in two classes per day. The classes are small with only 12 students, which makes way for more opportunities for teachers to get to know them and understand their unique needs.  

I remember in Grade 11 I was feeling stressed because exams were coming up and I didn’t understand one of the math concepts, and I was about to travel for a gymnastics event. My teacher knew how important my grades were as I plan to pursue a career in medicine, and she did everything she could to help me understand the concept. While I was away, she had zoom calls with me to go through the content as well as answered emails after school hours. These types of teachers are hard to come by. Blyth Academy seems to have acquired the most amazing staff that are always there for the students.”  

With a career in medicine on the horizon, Riya has had help with scheduling from the guidance team to meet her academic goal of maintaining an average in the high 90s. She has also been able to stay actively involved in student clubs, which bodes well on her application.  

I was the elementary student council president in Grade 8, and in grades 11 and 12 I was elected as student council president for the entire school. Blyth Academy has many other extracurricular activities that have helped me become a more well-rounded person like the Debate Club, Eco Council, Journalism Club and many more. They provide me with the ability to learn many useful skills I will need in the future like public speaking, problem solving, teamwork, and leadership.”  

Riya attributes her academic success to the small school community that has given her space and opportunity to grow.  

Since joining the school in Grade 7 I have noticed many changes in myself as a student. The main one being my ability to problem solve. I have become a brighter problem solver through the help of small classes, which have encouraged thinking outside the box.” 

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