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Welcome Ivan.
Found a unique and supportive pathway to Canadian universities.

Last year, Ivan made the move from China to Canada for full-year studies at Blyth Academy. What drew him to the school was the course choice and personalized support.  

The campus offered four out of five of the required Grade 12 courses I needed for computer engineering in Term One and Term Two, meaning I had the final marks available before universities started reviewing my applications. This increases my chance of getting a first-round offer. I also received help signing up for competitions that are beneficial to my application, including math and computing contests, and DECA.”   

The flexible schedule, with only two subjects per term, gave Ivan extra time to spend on furthering his post-secondary chances.   

"Because I only have courses in period 1 and 2, I have the entire afternoon and evening to work on my extracurricular activities, which were helpful for my university application.”   

The two-course structure also helped him transition to a new curriculum.   

The curriculum from China and Ontario goes through content in different orders and I remember getting a 50 per cent in a review at the start of Grade 11 biology. But because I only need to take two courses at once, I had a large chunk of time just to focus on this course. I was able to get support from the teacher to catch up and I ended with a 94 per cent average.”   

When it was time to apply for university, Ivan got the support he needed thanks to a low guidance to student ratio of 1:70.   

The guidance counsellors helped me set up the right courses and my OUAC account so I could apply to the top Canadian schools for engineering. They also wrote me a letter of recommendation, which gave me the unique opportunity to work on a research project with a University of Toronto professor.” 

Coming to a new country for high school can be challenging, but Ivan found the transition to be smooth.    

All the teachers and admins are very patient and helpful when answering all my questions, both about study and life. I'm not afraid to ask questions or address concerns, which helped me a lot in transitioning to study in Canada.” 

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