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Say Ciao to Giovanni.
Found a school that knows how to handle big aspirations.

Giovanni has two goals in mind – to stay on top of his academics and be a top professional golfer. And Blyth Academy supports him in both.   

“I’m finally happy to go to school since coming to Blyth Academy. I feel that everybody is committed to my successes, and I appreciate it because I have a strong commitment and big dreams in professional golf.” 

Giovanni is originally from Italy and is spending his first year in high school, and first year in Canada, as a full-year Blyth Academy student. With the school’s flexible schedules and online learning options, he can focus on golf training and travel often for the sport while maintaining his academics. 

“Blyth Academy gives me the opportunity to compete abroad in international tournaments thanks to online and private classes that I can plan at my convenience. On top of that, teachers allow me to put a special schedule in place if needed. For example, in September I had a World Championship in France, and I caught up on my studies in the weeks after the tournament.” 

Even with his busy schedule, Giovanni doesn’t miss out on the regular high school experience. 

“The first week of school was my first week in Canada, and since then I have been really involved in the soccer club. We have a lot of fun, and it is an amazing opportunity to make friends from different classes and ages.” 

As he looks towards a bright future, his guidance counsellor is making an academic plan specific to his unique needs. 

“The guidance counselors have been great at understanding my needs as an international, athlete, and ESL student. They tailor made my school plan allowing me to be integrated quickly and successfully in the Canadian school system.” 

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