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Find Your Fit, Find Your Future

At Blyth Academy, we have been empowering curious minds since 1977. With eight campuses in Ontario, Blyth Academy is the largest network of private high schools in Canada. Our faculty is dedicated to student excellence and delivers some of the highest academic standards to both domestic and international secondary students. All while maintaining boutique campuses averaging 100 students each.

Meet Arianna.
Found a way to fast-track without compromise.

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Say hello to Ella.
Found a community to inspire confidence and positivity.

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Say ciao to Giovanni.
Found a school that knows how to handle big aspirations.

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As one of the pioneers of the quadmester approach to secondary education in Ontario, we have over a decade of experience successfully preparing our students for their forthcoming post-secondary journeys. Our small classrooms of 12 make the quadmester model even more effective.

Welcome Ivan.
Found a unique and supportive pathway to Canadian universities.

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Cheer for Keishawn.
Found a place that balances both athletic and academic goals.

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Through rigorous academic programming and individualized student-teacher interactions, we help our students achieve their academic goals and enter top choice post-secondary institutions in Canada and abroad. In fact, 98% of our students are accepted into post-secondary programs and 85% receive full or partial entrance scholarships.

Salute Max.
Found supportive teachers and a pathway to higher ed.

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Greet Riya.
Found flexible schedules that lead to high academic and athletic success.

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