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Est. 1977

Empowering global citizens with premier academics.

Blyth Academy welcomes international students to a world of personalized education and boundless opportunities. Our global community thrives on diversity, offering a tailored academic journey that inspires curiosity, fosters innovation, and prepares you for a bright future.

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4 - 12
Countries Represented
University Entry

World-class education that gets our graduates noticed.


Blyth Academy is Ontario Ministry-inspected and adheres to all provincial standards.

"It's hard to imagine a school better suited to our time and the needs of the current generation of learners."
- Our Kids -

Message From Advisor
Embracing diversity while creating opportunities.

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Nicole Cavanaugh
International Admissions Recruitment Leader

Welcome to Blyth Academy! As the International Student Recruitment Leader, I am excited to introduce you to our community, where education transcends borders. We celebrate the unique backgrounds, cultures, and perspectives each student brings.

At Blyth Academy, we provide more than a curriculum; we offer a gateway to Canadian culture, welcoming communities of learners, and specialized university pathway planning. With small class sizes and dedicated guidance, we are committed to your success in top-choice post-secondary institutions.

Join us and become part of a diverse network that empowers you to shape your future. We look forward to welcoming you to our family and supporting you on this exciting educational journey.



Your gateway to global education and personalized learning.

Discover Blyth Academy’s unique approach to education, offering tailored pathways to university, globally recognized diplomas, flexible study options, small class sizes, and a proven track record of university acceptances.

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Ontario Secondary School Diploma
Globally accepted high school diploma.

The OSSD, offered through Blyth Academy is nationally and internationally recognized. We ensure that students are well-prepared for the demands of higher education through comprehensive pathway-planning.

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Curated Learning Environments
Small class sizes and rigorous academics.

Blyth Academy’s commitment to small class sizes means that your child will receive personalized attention from our expert faculty. Our guidance staff are always on hand to help students navigate both academic and personal challenges, ensuring a supportive and nurturing learning environment.

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Custom Scheduling
Flexible study options.

Your child’s educational journey at Blyth Academy is supported by our dedicated guidance staff, who provide unwavering assistance every step of the way. Whether it’s through in-person classes, virtual learning, or online courses, we ensure that each student receives the attention and support they need to thrive academically and personally.

Proven Success
Tailored Canadian pathway to university.

At Blyth Academy, we are serious about preparing students for post-secondary success. Our pathway-planning discussions and university presentations are designed to set a clear course for academic achievement. The unique university week experiences simulate post-secondary life, equipping students with the necessary skills and insights for a smooth transition to university studies. Our near 100% post-secondary acceptance rate coupled with over 85% of our students receiving scholarships is proof of our success.

Summer Camp
The ultimate Canadian camp experience.

In partnership with Trent University, Blyth Academy offers high school students a unique summer camp that combines an authentically Canadian outdoor experience with a high-quality academic credit program. Located in Peterborough, ON, the Goose International Summer Camp is the perfect opportunity for your child to experience Canada while creating unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime.

Pioneering the successful school model.

Did you know that Blyth Academy had a decade-long track record of successfully running quadmesters with several intake periods per academic year? Through our signature quadmester structure, students can take two courses for ten weeks, accommodating travel, sports, or other academic commitments. This tailored approach allows them to delve deeper into subjects, develop a better understanding of the curriculum, and have better success in their courses.

Sept - Nov
Term One
Nov - Jan
Term Two
Jan - Apr
Term Three
Apr - Jun
Term Four

International students can join us at any of our four entry points throughout the academic year, and elementary students can join us at any time during the school year, space permitting.

School Network
Eight campuses, endless possibilities.

At Blyth Academy, we’re committed to providing a world-class education that prepares students for success. With eight campuses across Ontario, we offer a diverse range of programs and a nurturing environment where students can thrive. Whether you’re drawn to the vibrant city life of Toronto, the historic charm of Ottawa, or the scenic beauty of Whitby, we have a campus near you ensures there's a fit for every student's needs.


Downsview Park

75 Carl Hall Rd
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2489 Bloor St W
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Lawrence Park

2660 Yonge St
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422 Pearl Street
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507 Lakeshore Rd E
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209 Dundas St E
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The Glebe

983 Bank St
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8720 County Rd 17
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Fully remote teacher-led live classes
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Blyth Academy Online

Over 160 on-demand courses
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Interested in Blyth Academy?
Our Admissions is only a click away!

To begin your child's academic journey with Blyth Academy, please speak with one of our excellent Admissions Advisors. They will help you determine the right course of action, schedule a virtual (or in-person!) campus tour, answer any remaining questions, and so much more!

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School Community
Celebrating uniqueness and nurturing personal growth.

At Blyth Academy, students engage in a vibrant array of clubs, activities, and classroom experiences that celebrate unique backgrounds and talents. Our inclusive environment ensures that every interest is valued, and each passion has a place to flourish.

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International Students
Studying in Canada to better the world.

In this vibrant community, international students find more than just a place to learn — they find a second home where they can confidently express themselves and explore their identities.


Class of 2023

"All the teachers and admins are very patient and helpful when answering all my questions, both about study and life. I'm not afraid to ask questions or address concerns, which helped me a lot in transitioning to study in Canada."


Class of 2026

"I'm finally happy to go to school since coming to Blyth Academy. I feel that everybody is committed to my success, and I appreciate it because I have a strong commitment and big dream of playing professional golf."

Transitioning Support
Helping you every step of the way.

Our admissions team is here to ensure a smooth transition into Blyth Academy. We can also connect you with reliable partners to assist with any additional entry requirements, making your journey to Canada effortless.

Student Visa

Blyth Academy is proud to work with Bright Immigration, a full-service immigration consulting firm based in Toronto, ON, that provides highly-qualified immigration services to a variety of business sectors, including education. Bright Immigration is considered one of the fastest growing and most innovative firms in Canada.

International students who are admitted to Blyth Academy receive a complimentary (free) 15–minute consultation with Bright Immigration about their study permit application, and 10% off any services they purchase to support their visa application.


Living with a Canadian family is a great way for international students to improve their language skills and learn about Canadian culture. Host families will include students in meaningful family activities, like cooking meals, conversations and excursion.

We work with Canada Homestay Network1, a family-run, non-profit society that has helped tens of thousands of students find a home away from home in Canada. All of their accommodations are located in appealing, safe neighborhoods accessible to your school by public transportation. To get a better idea of what's possible and for more information on pricing, use this handy calculator2 on Canada Homestay Network's website.

(1) Homestay providers are independent organizations and operate separately from Blyth Academy. Prices are in addition to Blyth Academy tuition fees; (2) Build an instant quote to plan your investment more efficiently.

Medical Insurance

Blyth Academy is proud to work with StudyInsured, a trusted name in the travel insurance industry, to provide emergency medical insurance to our international students. The comprehensive plan covers medical expenses, prescription drugs, dental services, counselling and many more services.

Expat Families

Our commitment to global education extends beyond traditional partnerships. We take pride in having provided support to families affiliated with prominent international organizations and embassies. Here’s how we’ve made a difference:

  • NGOs: We’ve supported families connected to organizations such as the United Nations, UNICEF and the World Health Organization, ensuring their children’s education remains uninterrupted and of the highest quality during their service.
  • Embassies: We have had the privilege of supporting families from the embassies of the UAE, France, the United States, Czechia, and Saudi Arabia, providing their children with a nurturing and academically rigorous setting.
  • U.S. Department of Defense: Blyth Academy has educated the children of service branches such as the United States Department of Defense and other military families ensuring the comfort that their children enter caring environments while their families serve. Moving a family is hard. Blyth’s small communities welcome new students from their first day as families adjust to their new assignment location.

Our experience with these distinguished organizations assures new families of our understanding and capability to meet the educational demands of those serving their countries and the global community. We are here to ensure that every child’s learning journey is successful and enriching, no matter where their family’s service may take them.


At Blyth Academy, we support students in improving their English language skills. Our teachers are experienced in addressing the challenges of learning a second language and work directly with international students to aid them in their regular coursework. We offer ESL Levels 1-5 virtually and provide options for 1-on-1 private lessons with our dedicated ESL teachers.

...she feels supported...

My daughter loves going to Blyth Academy because she feels supported by her school environment. She’s welcomed by hardworking and enthusiastic students every day.

Vicky Y.

...great satisfaction...

Both of my nieces, who are international students, find great satisfaction in their schooling, largely due to the professionalism of the teaching staff, the principal's exceptional support, and the guidance support.

David M.

...strong foundation...

Two of my children are now studying engineering in Waterloo and both have an overall average of about 85%. They have been able to build their university learning upon the strong foundation from Blyth Academy.

Bennet C.

...strong foundation...

Our oldest son graduated from high school as an Ontario Scholar, and we wholeheartedly credit his academic achievements to the exceptional staff at Blyth Academy. As for our younger son, his passion for learning and love for Canada will lead him back to study at McGill University next year. We are immensely grateful to Blyth Academy and the staff for their unwavering commitment to our children’s education.

Margot & Antoine

Tuition & Fees
Transparent from the start.

The next step in your educational journey with Blyth Academy is to review tuition, admissions and scholarships. We are here to support you through this process so please don't hesitate to reach out to our international admissions team.

Tuition & Fees 2024-25
Full-Time Academics (8 credits) $26,230 - $29,360
Full-Time Athletics + Academics (8 credits) $30,690 - $31,850
Part-Time (1 credit) $2,800 - $5,050
Online Courses (1 credit) $425  - $795
Full-Time Application Fee $250

Tuition and fees vary depending on your campus and program. Click here to explore a detailed breakdown by campus, so you can find the perfect fit for your budget.

Admissions Process
Let's get you off to a good start.

Registration for September is now open, and we encourage you to start the admissions process. For students currently unable to travel to Canada, classes can begin virtually through Blyth Academy Orbit or Blyth Academy Online. Once in Canada, students can seamlessly transition to in-person studies at one of our campuses.

Explore our various locations and programs by requesting a brochure and speaking with our Manager of International Admissions. Once you're ready to begin your application process, simply provide academic transcripts from the past three years for evaluation. No IELTS/TOEFL needed. For those requiring English support, we offer comprehensive ESL courses1. To start your application, please use our convenient and easy to use Application Portal.

We recommend applying at least eight weeks before classes begin, considering the time needed to obtain a student visa:
→ July 15 for Term One start
→ October 15 for Term Two start
→ January 15 for Term Three start
→ March 15 for Term Four start

(1) Private ESL courses are available at an additional cost. Get in touch with Admissions to learn more.

Complete the International Student Registration Form and pay the CDN $250 registration fee via credit card.

Email Admissions all academic transcripts (translated into English) and a copy of your passport.

After reviewing the transcripts, we will arrange an interview with the campus Principal.

Upon acceptance, you will receive a notification and an invoice for tuition and fees.

After payment (full or first installment), we will issue a formal letter of acceptance.

Ready to join?
Start your registration process today!

To begin your child's academic journey with Blyth Academy, please speak with one of our excellent Admissions Advisors. They will help you determine the right course of action, schedule a virtual (or in-person!) campus tour, answer any remaining questions, and so much more!

Speak With Admissions

(1) For in-person classes, select your preferred available campus. For fully virtual and synchronous (live) classes, choose Blyth Academy Orbit.

Common Questions
Answers to your most frequently asked questions.

Get quick answers to the most common inquiries about Blyth Academy. From grade requirements to class sizes and scheduling, find all the information you need to make an informed decision about your Canadian education choices.

At Blyth Academy, we offer competitive pricing, making us a cost-effective alternative compared to many other private schools. You can find detailed information about our tuition costs and associated fees on the Tuition & Fees page, including deadlines and payment plans for both full-time and part-time students. Additionally, we provide scholarship and financial aid opportunities and strongly encourage you to apply. You'll discover application deadlines, procedures, and necessary documentation on our Scholarships & Financial Aid page.

At Blyth Academy, we take pride in our small class sizes, maintaining an average ratio of 12:1. This enables our teachers to establish personal connections with each student and their parents, working closely with them to help achieve their educational goals. Our commitment to small class sizes extends to our schools, where our principal, guidance counselor, and campus administrator also can engage with students individually, offering support when needed.

Blyth Academy was built on the foundation of providing students with flexible learning options. With over a decade of experience in delivering quadmesters, we offer students flexibility and four intakes per year.This provides students with options not available in a traditional two-semester or full-year timetable. Additionally, we provide Night School, Summer School, self-paced online, and teacher-led virtual learning, offering multiple solutions for timetabling and earning required credits. International students that are delayed due to visa requirements can still enroll in our virtual options so that they do not fall behind on the year.

While there is no minimum language requirement, students must demonstrate their English language proficiency as part of their application. This can be done by providing an IELTS or TOEFL score, or completing a language test administered by Blyth Academy. We recommend students to have English Proficiency equivalency at IELTS 6.0-6.5 by Grade 12. If a student's command of English is not at a level that will allow them to successfully complete Ontario curriculum, the student will be required to complete ESL classes before commencing their regular studies; this is often easiest to facilitate when they choose our Term 1 (September) intake date.

Documents should be translated into English if the document was not originally produced in English.

Upon submitting online application (in order to receive Letter of Admission):

  • Copy of Passport;
  • Recent Transcripts/Report Cards from past three years;

Before Admissions Interview:

  • Copy of most recent TOEFL, IELTS or other standardized English language proficiency test, if applicable;
  • Letter of Recommendation ;
  • A copy of school work completed in English by the student, preferably evaluated by a teacher/instructor;

Prior to starting classes:

  • Letter of Recommendation;
  • Immunization/Vaccination Records;
  • Copy of Canadian Travel Visa ;
  • Copy of Canadian Study Permit;
  • Custodianship Information;
  • Accommodation Information – Full address, phone number, email;
  • Medical Insurance Policy – we require this 30 days before the student starts their program, if not purchased through Blyth Academy;

International students have several options to immerse themselves in Canadian culture through their accommodation choice. Some international students live with family or family friends while they study, and others choose agencies to help them locate a homestay family. Blyth Academy does not have residences, boarding, or homestay families.

We encourage our applicants and their families to explore the many options for homestay families if local accommodations are needed. While our applicant families can choose the provider they are most comfortable with, the following a two agencies who are signed partners with Blyth Academy: Canada Homestay Network, MLI Homestay, International Student Guardianship Canada. While not explicit partners of Blyth Academy, Spaces Shared is another interesting model for host families and host individuals.

A custodian is a Canadian citizen or permanent resident designated by parents to provide care and be responsible for their minor child while he/she studies in Canada. All applicants under the age of 18 must provide a notarized declaration, one signed by the parent or legal guardians in the country of origin, as well as one signed by the custodian in Canada, stating that arrangements have been made for the custodian to act in place of parent.

The Custodianship Declaration Forms (Custodian and Parents/Guardian) must be signed and notarized by a lawyer or notary public. A photocopy of each document should be emailed to Blyth Academy Admissions before the start of the student’s education. The originals will be required when applying for a study permit with IRCC (Click here for further information).

If a prospective family does not have a contact in Ontario who can serve as their child’s custodian, there are agencies like International Student Guardianship Canada that provide the service of locating one. If you are enlisting the service of a homestay agency such as Canada Homestay Network or MLI Homestay, they also offer custodianship along with other services such as airport transfer.

Yes, all International and Canadian students are required to be interviewed (virtually) by the school as part of the admissions process. The interview is conducted after the application has been submitted and the $2,500 deposit has been paid.

The $250 application fee is non-refundable. The $2,500 deposit is only refundable if a visa is rejected by the IRCC or if an application to Blyth Academy is denied during the admissions process.

Private education 101.

Private education is a distinct educational system, exemplified by institutions like Blyth Academy, that prioritizes a unique approach to learning. Unlike traditional education, which often grapples with large class sizes and standardized curricula, private schools emphasize personalized instruction. Smaller class sizes allow for individualized attention, fostering closer relationships between students and educators. This intimacy cultivates an engaging and responsive learning environment.

Blyth Academy stands apart by offering a dynamic, student-centered approach that caters to individual needs and aspirations. Our curriculum extends beyond standardized content, encouraging intellectual exploration and creativity. The result is a transformative educational experience that goes beyond basic academic achievement, nurturing students' innate curiosity and love for learning.

Private education, as provided by schools like Blyth Academy, offers numerous advantages for students. Our holistic approach encompasses academic excellence, character development, and preparation for future success. Small class sizes enable personalized attention from educators, allowing students to delve deeper into subjects and develop critical thinking skills.

A key advantage of private education, such as Blyth Academy, is not only gaining acceptance but, more importantly, receiving thorough preparation for the post-secondary journey. This is exemplified by over 90% of our students being accepted to their first-choice university or college. Further, our students will often return to campus, talking about how Blyth Academy prepared them for the rigor of university far better than their peers.

Additionally, our extracurricular programs, supportive community, and dedicated teachers create an environment where students can explore their passions, enhance their leadership abilities, and develop creativity. All these factors contribute to a well-rounded and empowering educational journey at Blyth Academy.

Blyth Academy is committed to making quality private education accessible to a diverse range of families. While there may be a common perception that private schools cater exclusively to affluent families, our institution challenges this stereotype, offering competitive pricing that is more affordable than traditional private school options. We offer programs that cater to various needs and budgets, ensuring that deserving students, regardless of their financial background, can benefit from our exceptional education.

One of the ways we make this possible is through our Scholarships & Financial Aid program. This program is designed to support families who may not have considered private education due to financial constraints. By providing assistance and scholarships, we aim to level the playing field and enable students from all walks of life to experience the transformative benefits of a Blyth Academy education.

Private schools like Blyth Academy meet and often exceed the educational standards and curriculum set out by the Ministry of Education. Private schools are ministry-inspected regularly to ensure all standards are being met and that students are receiving a high-quality education. Blyth Academy is always held to the highest standard, and we have received top scores on our inspections since our inception.

Private schools are often able to expand on curriculum, providing a more enriching learning experience. For example, at Blyth Academy, due to the small class sizes, teachers can create more experiential learning opportunities, taking students outside the classroom or working on projects that normally could not be accomplished in a large classroom setting.

Student-to-teacher ratios in private schools tend to be lower than in public schools. Blyth Academy maintains an exceptional student-to-teacher ratio of 12:1, which is significantly lower than what is typically found in public schools and most private schools. Our commitment to smaller class sizes ensures that students receive unparalleled support and guidance throughout their academic journey.

With a reduced student-to-teacher ratio, Blyth Academy educators can engage with students on a more personal level. This fosters meaningful connections, allows for individualized instruction, and provides a platform for educators to understand each student's unique strengths and challenges.

The result is a dynamic and enriching learning environment where students not only receive a high-quality education but also develop critical thinking skills, engage in collaborative discussions, and build confidence in their abilities. Smaller class sizes are a fundamental part of the Blyth Academy experience, facilitating academic excellence and personalized growth.

At Blyth Academy, personalized education is at the core of our philosophy. We believe that each student is unique, with distinct strengths, passions, and goals. To ensure every student reaches their full potential, we employ a multifaceted approach to personalization.

Our small class sizes allow for individualized attention, enabling our dedicated teachers to tailor instruction to each student's learning style. We focus on building strong student-teacher relationships, ensuring that educators understand the specific needs and aspirations of every student.

Blyth Academy's personalized approach extends to our curriculum. We offer a range of courses to cater to diverse interests and academic levels. Students can choose the subjects that resonate with them, fostering a love for learning.

Additionally, our commitment to character education, through programs such as LaunchPad, ensures that students not only excel academically but also develop essential life skills, such as critical thinking, problem-solving, and leadership. This comprehensive personalization empowers students to thrive academically and personally, setting them on a path to success.

We understand that gaining acceptance to post-secondary institutions is not the only goal. Our guidance counselors help students explore their career paths and prepare for success beyond graduation. We first help guide students in deciding the best program and school that fits their passions and goals. We then spend time developing skills and processes that will help them find success on their post-secondary journey.

Our small class sizes allow for individualized attention, enabling our dedicated teachers to tailor instruction to each student's learning style. We focus on building strong student-teacher relationships, ensuring that educators understand the specific needs and aspirations of every student.

Blyth Academy places a strong emphasis on character education, instilling values such as leadership, integrity, and resilience. Our students graduate with a sense of purpose, well-equipped to navigate the complexities of the modern world.

Blyth Academy is dedicated to inclusivity and can work with students and parents to accommodate certain learning needs. Our school is designed to fit the diverse groups that populate it, rather than trying to mold students into a specific school culture.

Students with Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) can be accommodated, and we welcome you to consult with our campus principal to determine whether Blyth Academy is a good fit. We can also offer Student Support Plans (SSPs) for students with specific learning requirements. At Blyth Academy, we take great care in knowing and understanding all student support plans and can administer them with a high degree of responsiveness for each student. At Blyth Academy, we take great care in knowing and understanding all student support plans and can administer them with a high degree of responsiveness for each student.

Blyth Academy's educators and staff are experienced in working with diverse student populations, and we encourage you to reach out to our principal to see if your child would be a good fit for Blyth Academy.

Blyth Academy places a strong emphasis on creating a tight-knit and supportive community among students. We understand the importance of building connections, friendships, and a sense of belonging during the formative years of education.

Our smaller class sizes facilitate meaningful interactions among students. Students feel like they are learning alongside their peers as they engage in group discussions and work together to solve problems.

Although small, each school community offers clubs and societies to join, which are often formed by our students. They also have the opportunity to participate in Blyth-wide events, connecting with their peers from other campuses across Ontario.

We encourage students to participate in community service and volunteer opportunities. These experiences not only promote social responsibility but also enable students to bond over shared values and a commitment to positive change.

Blyth Academy campuses are designed to be inclusive and welcoming spaces. Students often describe the Blyth Academy community as a second family, where they can grow, learn, and support one another. Our approach to education fosters not only academic excellence but also a sense of community that lasts a lifetime.

Blyth Academy efficiently structures a student’s day to maximize their learning time, a strategy highly appreciated by both parents and students alike. We minimize unnecessary transitions between classes, addressing concerns related to attention deficits and enabling students to stay focused on their coursework. Our term system ensures sequential course progression, preventing information loss during extended breaks.

During our two-hour class sessions, students are comfortable asking questions, receiving detailed answers, and actively engaging with the content. This approach reduces the need for extensive homework, giving students valuable personal time for extracurricular activities, hobbies, and jobs. Unlike larger traditional school classrooms, our environment prioritizes individualized attention and effective learning, catering to both the academic and personal needs of our students.

Choosing Blyth Academy for your child's education is a decision rooted in our commitment to excellence, personalization, and holistic growth. Our mission is to provide an unparalleled educational experience that empowers students to thrive academically and personally.

We offer small class sizes with dedicated teachers that enable individualized attention, ensuring that each student's unique needs and aspirations are met. Our dedicated educators foster strong student-teacher relationships, creating a supportive learning environment.

Blyth Academy's comprehensive curriculum includes a wide range of courses, allowing students to tailor their education to their interests and academic goals. Our LaunchPad program instills essential life skills, preparing students for success beyond the classroom. Our flexible learning options and optimized timetables give students more time to focus on their other passions while still maintaining high academic standards.

By choosing Blyth Academy, you're choosing a school that prioritizes personalized education, character development, and a strong sense of community. Your child will embark on a transformative educational journey that equips them with the skills and mindset to excel in all aspects of life.

Character education is a fundamental pillar of Blyth Academy's educational philosophy. We believe that academic success should go hand in hand with personal growth and character development.

Our character education programs, such as LaunchPad, mental health seminars, community service, and global events, focus on instilling values such as leadership, integrity, resilience, and empathy. These values are essential for navigating the complexities of the modern world and becoming well-rounded individuals.

We understand that academic achievements alone do not guarantee success. By emphasizing character education, we prepare our students to face challenges with confidence and to make ethical decisions that positively impact their communities.

Blyth Academy efficiently structures a student’s day to maximize their learning time, a strategy highly appreciated by both parents and students alike. We minimize unnecessary transitions between classes, addressing concerns related to attention deficits and enabling students to stay focused on their coursework. Our term system ensures sequential course progression, preventing information loss during extended breaks.

During our two-hour class sessions, students are comfortable asking questions, receiving detailed answers, and actively engaging with the content. This approach reduces the need for extensive homework, giving students valuable personal time for extracurricular activities, hobbies, and jobs. Unlike larger traditional school classrooms, our environment prioritizes individualized attention and effective learning, catering to both the academic and personal needs of our students.

International Agents
Proud partner of top recruiters worldwide.

At Blyth Academy, we recognize the essential role international agents play in connecting talented students with exceptional educational opportunities. As a premier destination for secondary education in Canada, we collaborate with successful agents and agency partners worldwide and look forward to partnering with you. For more information on becoming an official agent partner, please get in touch with Nicole Cavanaugh, International Student Recruitment Leader.

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Flexible Options
Diverse programs to fit every need.

Blyth Academy offers a wide range of programs across eight Ontario locations, including full-time, part-time, online, and sports training options. This flexibility empowers agents to offer tailored solutions that meet the unique needs of every family.

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Start Dates
The convenience of four annual intakes.

Our flexible four-intake system ensures international students can join throughout the year, even if they miss the September start. This feature is invaluable for agents working with families facing visa or other delays, ensuring no opportunities are missed.

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Agent Relations
Attractive terms and round-the-clock support.

Collaborate with Blyth Academy and benefit from our attractive terms for student referrals. We partner with agents from over 45 countries, providing direct support through every step of the admissions and immigration process, ensuring a smooth experience for you and your clients.