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Connecting with students on an individual level

The Success of Small Class Sizes and One-on-One Teacher Support 

Though each of our 10 campuses is its own school community, one thing remains consistent – a commitment to preparing students to be lifelong learners and those that will shape the world. Through small classes, strong student support and personalized learning, we can offer an experience that focuses on each individual student and their future goals.  

“As a parent there is no better feeling than sending your kids off to school each day with smiles on their faces. Our two boys are absolutely loving their time at Blyth Academy, “said Christine A., parent of two students at Blyth Academy Downsview Park.  

With an average class size of 12 students, our teachers can get to know each one. They teach to their strengths, challenge their limitations, and guide them on individual paths for post-secondary and beyond. Blyth Academy graduate, Amy M., believes fewer students in the classroom allows for more one-on-one attention and a chance for all students to participate in deep class discussions, something she carried over to university.  

“Smaller classes were very beneficial for me. My time at Blyth Academy gave me a lot of great experiences in many areas, one of them being discussing topics in small groups — the same way I do now in tutorials and seminars at university,” said Amy M.  

For Amy M., a smaller student body also means more attention from guidance counsellors when it comes to course selection and post-secondary preparation.  

“Our guidance counsellor was really great. Her door was always open to us, and she was fantastic at making sure that we had everything that we needed. She was especially great when it started to be time to apply to post- secondary education: in addition to one-on-one appointments, she had a presentation night for graduates and their parents all about the application process,” said Amy M.  

For over 10 years, our campuses have followed a four-term structure with two subjects per term. Our teachers are well trained and experienced in teaching in a format where they can dive deep into course material and keep students engaged. For many of our students, the four-term structure provides flexibility that comes from a shorter school day. It allows for more time to spend on other interests and extra curriculars outside of the classroom.  

“Given that I was at Blyth Academy@CIHA, being able to have flexible hours to complete my academics was great. I no longer felt like I had to make a decision between hockey and school; I could focus on both and learn how to manage my time, a skill that served me well in my transition to university,” said Blyth Academy graduate, Ethan H.  

As we look ahead to September 2022, we continue to provide highly personalized academics for all students. As we get to know them individually, we encourage them to pursue their goals with the help of our teachers and guidance staff.  

“All of the teachers were very invested in helping me succeed not only in their class but in preparing me for my future as a student and person,” said Ethan H. “Since graduating, I completed my Bachelors of Aerospace Engineering degree at Carleton University finishing in the top 3% of my class. Currently I am pursuing a Master of Applied Science degree in Aerospace Engineering at Carleton University.”  

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