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Who We Are

A Leader in Experiential Learning

Shaping the minds of our next generation is at the forefront of everything we do. With campuses specifically designed to inspire students from Grades 4-12, and classrooms that offer personalized learning environments, we provide a unique opportunity for young minds to reach their fullest potential, and ultimately shape the world.

Mental Health: Learn about how Blyth Academy is tackling student mental health post-COVID here.

We understand that success looks different for every student.  

Our high school structure tailors education to the student — not the other way around. What sets us apart is our ability to adapt to each student’s learning style and guide them down personalized academic paths. We do this through our network of eight private high schools throughout Ontario and our virtual high school Blyth Academy Orbit. Our full-time programs are complimented with additional comprehensive academic programs including night school, summer school, and private studies. In addition, we offer students the ability to complete credits online through Blyth Academy Online.

Our classrooms set the stage for student engagement. 

One-on-one learning in truly small classes with an average of 12 students allow us to closely monitor students and teach them to be accountable for their academics. Our curriculum is comprised of compulsory courses, along with a catalogue of exciting electives created to spark and fulfill students’ interests.

We encourage students to go beyond their perceived limits. 

We challenge their strengths and weaknesses to create a sense of self-purpose, and a clear direction for their futures. Our teachers, principals, and guidance counsellors stay connected with each student throughout the school year to align them with their goals and prepare them for acceptance into the post-secondary program of their choice.