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University Success

students throwing graduation caps in the air

We are extremely proud of the success our students have achieved.

90% of our students receive first-choice university acceptance and 85% of them receive full or partial entrance scholarships.

Early on, our students are encouraged to plan for post-secondary education. With the support of our guidance teams, they set goals for the future and work towards achieving them. Our low student-to-counsellor ratio of one counsellor to 80 full-time students (other public and private high schools average between 200 – 400+ students for every counsellor) enable our teams to offer students an unprecedented level of support and personalized attention throughout the school experience.  

Our students consistently demonstrate higher than average success in post-secondary education, in part because of our unique programs and outstanding faculty. Our Grade 11 and 12 programs are modelled after university academics to better prepare our students for life after high school. Through empathetic engagement, hands-on experiential teaching, and ongoing customized guidance, Blyth Academy students are prepared not only for post-secondary education, but also life beyond those walls.  


of Blyth Academy students are accepted into post-secondary programs


of Blyth Academy students are accepted to their top choice college or university


of Blyth Academy students receive partial or full scholarships to post-secondary institutions

Student Success Stories

curly hair smiling high school girl wearing a graduation gown

Zayan Q., Blyth Academy Orbit 

University of Waterloo - Science and Business, (Limited enrollment: 95 first-year students; Blyth Academy Orbit Valedictorian and Schulich Leaders Scholarship nominee; did both Gr. 11/12 from Qatar)

Studying at Blyth Orbit all the way from Qatar has been an incredible journey. It played a massive role in my journey to becoming valedictorian and getting nominated for the Schulich Scholarship. Blyth Orbit's virtual classes gave me the flexibility and unwavering support I needed to excel in my studies and maintain a strong average. What made it even better was that they made learning enjoyable and helped me become a better thinker and leader. But it wasn't just about academics. Despite the distance, I formed great friendships. These friends became a vital support system, always there to encourage and motivate me. This made the road to success not just fulfilling academically but emotionally too.

Zayan Q.

asian high school girl wearing a graduation gown

Isabella L., Blyth Academy The Glebe 

McGill University - Commerce, (Top 6 3-year minimum grade range for admission: 93-97%)

Blyth has been so helpful in my journey, definitely an unforgettable experience!

Isabella L.

Isabella is an incredibly driven and goal-oriented student, who will do whatever it takes to excel. When facing challenges, she does not become discouraged, but instead becomes even more determined to meet her goals - often times making plans to meet with teachers at lunch or after school for supplemental instruction. She is self-motivated, and always ensures that her comprehension of a topic meets her own, very high, standards.   – Math teacher BAThe Glebe.

Blyth Academy The Glebe Math Teacher, Krista Guescini

Ava S., Blyth Academy Lawrence Park, Grade 12 Student 

Stanford University, member of the Stanford NCAA Women’s Gymnastics Team

Ava’s work ethic at Blyth Academy was unmatched and she was strong mathematically and physically. In kinesiology, she gave a presentation on the biomechanics of gymnastics as well as the nutrition that is necessary to compete at her level. She led the class through physical warm-ups and workouts. She displayed great communication and coaching skills as she was able to take control of her peers and provide appropriate feedback.

Blyth Academy Math and Science Teacher, Timur Saklica

Bill L., Blyth Academy Waterloo Alum 

Queen’s University, Commerce Program

Scholarship recipient
The one-on-one support at Blyth Academy helped me discover and explore my passion and set me up for success in the Commerce program at Queen’s. I was able to take classes a grade ahead and enrol part-time in university courses while in Grade 11. I now serve as the marketing director for one of Queen’s premier investment clubs and as the Speaker of the Assembly for the commerce student government at the Queen’s Commerce Society.

Amy M., Blyth Academy Etobicoke Alum 

Brock University, Concurrent Education Program 

My time at Blyth Academy gave me a lot of great experiences in many areas, one of them being discussing topics in small groups — the same way I do now in tutorials and seminars at university.

Justice Balfour, Blyth Academy Lawrence Park Alum 

James Cook University, Bachelor of Advanced Science in Marine Biology

Scholarship recipient

I am proud to have joined the Blyth LP community in September 2020. For many students, COVID presented enormous educational uncertainties, so I was excited that Blyth LP could ensure the continuity and rigor of my studies. As one of only a few students to ever be in both the Honours Math, Science & Technology (HMST) program and the Advanced Program for Gifted Athletes (APGA) at Northview Heights Secondary School, I needed to ensure that I could maintain both my enriched STEM courses, training hours and the opportunity to graduate early. Blyth Academy LP offered all this and much more.
I was grateful and excited to work with Blyth Academy to maintain the integrity of my coursework at the highest levels, have teachers with deep subject knowledge, have seamless in-person and online classes, as well as benefit from more in-person labs, engaging well-resourced student clubs, and a timetable to balance all extracurriculars.
Blyth Academy staff, guidance department and teachers enthusiastically supported me to introduce my own initiatives, ideas and dive into classrooms and clubs to enhance course learning and make a community impact. I was supported to self-study/write AP exams, compete in University of Waterloo math contests, as well as be offered flexible, rigorous, upper level STEM course options to help me graduate early and at the top of my class.
Graduating early allowed me a once in a lifetime opportunity to complete a coveted scientific research and Divemaster internship with the Gili Shark Conservation Team in Gili Air, Indonesia from April to June 2022. As a future marine biologist, interested in chemistry and genetics, having a rigorous academic foundation was pivotal to compete for top marine science programs around the world. I was proud to have been offered admission to 18 top ranked schools in the USA, Canada and Australia (including UC Berkeley, UCLA, UCSD, USC, Duke, U of Miami, Tulane, UBC, Dalhousie, U Queensland), along with multiple Presidential Merit Scholarships. I have ultimately chosen to attend James Cook University in Australia, in their Bachelor of Advanced Science in Marine Biology (Minor in chemistry) program, having been awarded a 100% Vice Chancellor's Scholarship.
I value the curriculum, continuity and care that Blyth provided and I have made many forever school friendships too! I now look forward to my undergraduate studies with the Great Barrier Reef as my classroom!

James Wren, Blyth Academy Lawrence Park Alum

Carleton University, Public Affairs and Policy Management

Teachers actually care at Blyth. The classes are small enough for teachers to get to know and understand each student and how they work