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in-class group studying

Connect students from across the globe with access to a robust selection of Canadian high school credit courses that can be completed anywhere, any time.

We offer students an alternative solution to achieving their academic goals. Our flexible scheduling, comprehensive curriculum, and empathetic teaching and guidance staff ensure that our student success rate is unsurpassed. Blyth Academy provides a full high school experience, offering in-person support at our physical campuses, innovative online learning, and inclusion in student life events. We are fully invested in our students’ success stories, both online and in the physical world.

What We Provide Educational Partners

Understand Student Needs

  • We can provide an alternative solution to support your students’ unique learning needs, ranging from smaller-sized classes in our campuses to flexible online learning schedules

  • Students can choose from 160+ courses to pursue an area of study they are passionate in and may not be offered at their current home school

Teaching Staff and Guidance Support

  • Our empathetic guidance staff can support individual students requiring IEP, pathway planning, or academic coaching to help them achieve educational milestones

  • Teachers at Blyth Academy communicates with their students regularly regarding student progress, motivation, encouragement, empathy, care, and guidance

Online Dual Diploma Program

  • We can work with you/your partner schools to create a dual diploma program

  • Students can complete their local diploma and OSSD by the time they reach graduation

  • Help students interested in studying abroad to get a head start with their education

Partner With Us

For more information about partnering with Blyth Academy please contact:

Aaron Goldstein
Senior Partnership Manager
416-960-3552 ext. 180