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Athletic Organizations

Connect students from across the globe with access to a robust selection of Canadian high school credit courses that can be completed anywhere, any time.

We offer students an alternative solution to achieving their academic goals. We offer courses specifically designed to help elite athletes succeed. These include courses dedicated to teaching athletes and artists how to manage their careers with tangible skills like how to negotiate a contract and how to manage their social media profiles. For athletes, our online academy benefits from a larger network of sport-specific Blyth Academy schools, including the Canadian International Hockey Academy (CIHA).

What We Provide Athletic Partners

Flexible Schedules

  • Students can plan their own schedule, having full access to their account, 24 hours a day, seven days a week

  • Students are able to move back and forth between our online program and our bricks-and-mortar schools including our night school and summer school offerings

Teaching Staff and Guidance Support

  • Our empathetic guidance staff can support individual students requiring IEP, pathway planning, or academic coaching to help them achieve educational milestones

  • Teachers at Blyth Academy communicates with their students regularly regarding student progress, motivation, encouragement, empathy, care, and guidance

Elite Training for Athletes

  • We offer a wide range of sport programs and are actively seeking community partners to help strengthen these programs

  • Our Integrated Sports Programs provide students in-house training while balancing a full academic schedule

Partner With Us

For more information about partnering with Blyth Academy please contact:

Aaron Goldstein
Senior Partnership Manager
416-960-3552 ext. 180