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Our Story

student travelling abroad

Our school story began in 1977, when Blyth Academy was a pioneer in the early years of education and adventure travel. Amongst various educational firsts was the establishment of a Canadian high school in France - The Lycée Canadien en France. We would then go on to establish a university campus, the Université Canadienne en France, and the first accredited high school program on the campus of Oxford University. 

In the field of travel, Blyth Academy operated the first bike tour in the People’s Republic of China in 1979 as well as adult bike trips behind the Iron Curtain in the early 1980’s. High-latitude travel followed with icebreaker expeditions to the Arctic and Antarctic. By 2000, we were the global leader in the field, opening up new areas to environmentally sensitive exploration. 

In the years that followed we expanded our travel programs to include Blyth Academy Summers, Blyth Academy Community Service, and Blyth Academy Global High School where we provided Ontario high school credits to over 50,000 high school students through experiential programs in over 15 countries worldwide. 

In 2002, Blyth Academy opened its first high school in Canada on the third floor of a walk-up building in the heart of Toronto. With enrolment of 12 students and three classrooms, it was a modest but promising start. In 2005, a second school followed in Thornhill, and thereafter one or two bricks and mortar schools each year.

Our school community has evolved into eight Ontario campuses across Ontario, each one with an emphasis on small class sizes, strong student support, and high academic standards that support our students in their quest for higher education.  

In 2012 we established Blyth Academy Online (BAO) as one of the first asynchronous online high school learning platforms in Canada. BAO has helped over 30,000 students earn Ontario high school credits online. In 2020, we extended our virtual learning to include Blyth Academy Orbit, a fully virtual campus with live teacher-led classes. 

In December 2018: Blyth Academy joined Globeducate, one of the leaders in private education with more than 55 private schools in nine countries worldwide. 

We have enrolled thousands of students and continue to expand our campuses across Ontario, most recently opening a new state of the art campus in Ottawa called Blyth Academy The Glebe. 

Where will the Blyth Academy story go next?