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Globeducate Student Leadership Summit 2023 in England: Day 1

Globeducate Student Leadership Summit 2023 in England: Day 1

Greetings from Bath! 

Blyth Academy has safely landed in the United Kingdom for Globeducate's Student Leadership Summit. It was quite a long travel day with the opportunity for Blyth students to meet Globeducate students from across Europe and Canada, with added pockets of time to rest.

Everyone was checked into their accommodations and we had a large group dinner together with Mrs. Bennett, TPS staff and Matthew Way, the headmaster of Stonar. Given the jet lag faced by both myself and the students, I kept the camera at bay but will be taking many pictures coming up to share with you when working with them soon.

In our first year joining the event in-person, senior students from our campuses were invited to join this week-long conference to build their skills and help to become stronger leaders at our Canadian schools. Several years ago, this program was curated by Charlotte Bennett and one of her students which has since grown into an international event for Globeducate schools.

Students are spending their first day at the Stonar School where they are working away at various leadership tasks and seminars. Students are lodging separately in the city of Bath and will be coming and going from Stonar as they integrate more with in this historic UNESCO world heritage city. In addition to their seminars, they participate in afternoon tea with a lesson on etiquette, professionalism, and manners - a truly cultural British exchange.

"Today we saw the Stonar School and explored the stables to see the horses. We were also taught about the world and culture of British etiquette. Most importantly, we learned about different leadership styles that work well together."
- Emily

Tomorrow they will be tasked with a morning of research as they create walking tours of the city and explore more of Bath with their groups and leaders. This will be insightful and entertaining as they have to include various facts and figures with added mythical stories to create for their peers. 

Students will be given structured free time in the city during the day to enjoy local restaurants and do some shopping. We also have a haunted evening walking tour at night led by a local guide. Yet another exciting day upcoming.

Yours across the pond, 

Nicholas Catania
Principal of Blyth Academy Mississauga

What is this school trip all about?

Students from the Blyth Academy Mississauga, Burlington, and The Glebe campuses embarked on a trip to England to attend the 2023 Globeducate Student Leadership Summit at the Stonar School in England. This event brings seniors students from 23 Globeducate schools together for a three-day, symposium. Students from Canada, Europe and India joined the event to develop their leadership skills, both in theory and practice. 

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