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Globeducate Student Leadership Summit 2023 in England: Day 2

Globeducate Student Leadership Summit 2023 in England: Day 2

City Centre of Bath! 

Greetings fellow travellers,

We awoke to another beautiful day in the UK as our conference remained in the city for a series of leadership tasks and activities. Where students took the Belbin Test yesterday to assess where they stand in terms of group and collaborative environments, today they are being put on the spot to apply their understanding. 

With a busy day planned ahead for our international family of schools, students started their morning with Mrs. Bennett to understand today's goal: research and create a tour of various locales within Bath. Students got right to work on their presentations, adding in quirky bits of truth and myth for the groups to solve. TripAdvisor reviews were later followed up with at their post-dinner meeting.

Prior to their tours, I spent the afternoon propped up in Pret a Manger (take-away lunches and coffee) as students strolled by the windows with their enthusiasm to explore. Students spent their lunch in groups walking through the city centre to get acquainted and enjoy a bit of shopping before meeting back and dividing up for the afternoon tours. 

I'm pleased to share that Blyth Academy represented strongly in the presentation and communications task, and all are in good spirits. What's more, they've all made new connections with various students from our Globeducate schools. Our master plan is working!

"I've been working with some amazing people from all over the world to develop and recognize leadership qualities. Meeting my new friends has been my best experience so far because we are all so similar despite coming from various backgrounds and having had different experiences. I enjoy finding out about everyone's unique ways of life and have come to the conclusion that we are more alike than we are different."
- Galia

This evening students had the chance to explore more local cuisine in groups for dinner. I've sent them some suggestions nearby and encourage them to try something new, especially in a newfound destination. After dinner we took to the dark streets for our ghost walk of the city which was both enticing, engaging, and interactive. 

All is going very well, and I am proud of the independence and leadership that our group has displayed. Tomorrow brings us to our final and formal day of the conference followed by a social outing before taking flight once again.

Yours in the United Kingdom, 

Nicholas Catania
Principal of Blyth Academy Mississauga

What is this school trip all about?

Students from the Blyth Academy Mississauga, Burlington, and The Glebe campuses embarked on a trip to England to attend the 2023 Globeducate Student Leadership Summit at the Stonar School in England. This event brings seniors students from 23 Globeducate schools together for a three-day, symposium. Students from Canada, Europe and India joined the event to develop their leadership skills, both in theory and practice. 

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