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Globeducate Model United Nations: A Global Gathering of Young Minds

Globeducate Model United Nations: A Global Gathering of Young Minds

The Globeducate Model United Nations (MUN) conference held in Madrid at the Agora Madrid International School in March was a remarkable event that brought together 163 students from 23 schools across eight countries and three continents. Among the participants were four talented students from Blyth Academy, who not only represented their school but also gained invaluable insights into diplomacy, global affairs, and leadership.

The Buzz of Diplomacy and Debate 

Imagine a room filled with passionate voices, each representing a unique perspective on global affairs. These young delegates, armed with research, delved into pressing issues. They dissected the impact of Artificial Intelligence, pondered the future of renewable energy and nuclear power, and negotiated solutions. 

Four Blyth Academy students— Erika and Jules from the Etobicoke campus, Cindy from the Ottawa campus, and Cameron from the Burlington campus —embarked on this transformative journey. They assumed the roles of delegates, speakers, and chairs, representing different countries. Their task? To find solutions to pressing global challenges through research, lobbying, and debate. In doing so, they improved confidence, analytical skills, problem-solving, diplomacy and networking, as well as public speaking and writing. 

A Student’s Journey: From Etobicoke to Madrid 

Meet Erika, a Grade 11 student from Blyth Academy’s Etobicoke campus. Her eyes widened as she stepped off the plane, a mix of excitement and nervousness. Madrid welcomed her with open arms—the cobblestone streets, vibrant markets, and delicious tapas. But beyond the tourist spots, Emily found herself immersed in something more profound: global dialogue. 

“My experience at the Globeducate Model UN was incredibly positive,” Emily shared. “The people who organized the event were so nice and excited to give us the opportunity to see the city, meet new people, and participate in the MUN conference. I learned a lot about Spanish history and culture. I got to hear a lot of different perspectives on world issues. It was also my first time travelling alone without my parents, and that was a cool experience, which showed me what it's like to be independent.” 

Student Awards  

Our students’ exceptional performance at the Model UN conference garnered well-deserved recognition, resulting in various awards:

General Assembly
Commendation: Cameron Williams-Habibi - Argentina, General Assembly 

Outstanding delegate: Cindy Shania Eken – Pakistan, Economic & Social Council 

Best delegate: Jules Plaxton - Nepal, Human Rights Council 

The Joys of Traveling as a Teen 

Beyond the conference, our students explored Madrid’s vibrant culture, sampled local cuisine, and marveled at historic landmarks, exposing them to diverse cultures, languages, and traditions. 

The Globeducate MUN was more than a conference—it was a transformative experience for Blyth Academy students. They returned home not only as better-informed global citizens but also as confident, articulate, and culturally enriched individuals. As they continue their educational journey, they carry with them the lessons learned in Madrid—the power of diplomacy, the joy of travel, and the promise of a brighter future. 

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