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Blyth Academy Students Shine Bright in Globeducate 2023-24 Arts Competition

Blyth Academy Students Shine Bright in Globeducate 2023-24 Arts Competition

Once again, the talents and creativity of Blyth Academy students have shone brightly on the global stage. At the recent Globeducate Arts Competition, two of our students emerged as winners, receiving 2nd place in Photography and 2nd place in Creative Writing. 

The Globeducate Arts Competition is an annual event that brings together students from over 55 schools worldwide, showcasing their artistic talents in various categories, including painting, performing arts, sculptures, and more. The competition serves as a platform for young artists to express themselves, connect with peers globally, and gain recognition for their unique perspectives and talents. 

Blyth Academy's Stellar Performers

2nd Place in Photography – Upper High School (ages 15-18): 

James, from Blyth Academy Lawrence Park, demonstrated a keen eye for capturing the world through a lens. Their winning entry stood out for its exceptional composition, storytelling, and a unique perspective that showcased a profound understanding of the theme, Reflections. 

2nd Place in Creative Writing – Upper High School (ages 15-18): 

Maya, from Blyth Academy The Glebe, showcased an unparalleled flair for words, weaving a narrative that captivated the imagination of both judges and peers. Their entry in the Creative Writing category was a testament to the power of storytelling, demonstrating originality and subtly which set it apart from the competition.

“The opportunity to participate in a global art contest has been an interesting and amazing experience. With my piece, I had a goal of subtly highlighting how climate change disrupts the natural patterns of Earth’s environment, told through the lens of a sparrow.” 
- Maya


What set these students apart was not only their technical skills but also their innovative and unique approaches to their respective art forms. Whether through the lens of a camera or the strokes of a pen, these students dared to think outside the box, offering fresh perspectives that resonated with the competition's global audience. 

As winners of the Globeducate Arts Competition, our students have showcased the power of creativity to transcend borders. Their success serves as an inspiration for aspiring young artists globally, reinforcing the importance of fostering creativity in education. With such remarkable talents emerging from Blyth Academy, it is evident that the future of the arts is in capable and innovative hands. 

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