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Blyth Academy students recognized for talent at Globeducate Virtual Arts Competition 2021

Blyth Academy students recognized for talent at Globeducate Virtual Arts Competition 2021

Students took part in the annual Globeducate Virtual Arts Competition in November, with the theme “Connections”. From ages 5 to 18, nearly 200 students in 39 schools from around the world jumped on the opportunity to showcase and explore their talents in sculpture, poetry, drawing, 3D art, painting, photography and creative writing. Participating schools held internal art exhibitions and allowed artists to be peer evaluated or juried by the school community before final entries were chosen for the global competition. Three students from Blyth Academy were recognized at this year’s competition. Andra from Blyth Academy Ottawa won 1st place in the Creative Writing category for Upper High School Students. Read her winning piece below:

Betty W., from Blyth Academy Mississauga received an Honorary Mention in the Photography category for Upper High School Students. She said, “My photo is of the CCTV tower in Beijing China and the CN tower in Toronto Canada. They are both photos taken by me. Beijing is my hometown; this is a photo that connects my current residence and hometown.”

Blyth Academy Etobicoke student, Samuel, received an Honorary Mention in Creative Writing in the Upper High School Student category. He said this about his piece titled His Shadow.

“I’ve been working on the two characters in my story for a few months now. As a writer, I know it is important to focus on character development and how you want that character to evolve and grow in your story. Even if it is a short piece, there is always crucial world building and development that can happen. When I created my characters, a pair of twin brothers, I wanted them to be polar opposites. With Noah, I wanted him to be more of an introvert, with darker thoughts and a more shy personality. Alternatively, with his brother Max, I wanted him to be an extrovert, loving everything that life has to offer and exploring the world around him. 

Even before the competition, I knew I wanted to create something with these characters, to write a story with them, where they can learn and grow together with just me, as an aspiring-author, guiding them along. However, when I heard that the Globeducate Art Contest theme this year was connections, I knew that this was my opportunity to really get a feel for my twin characters. So, I began to write a short story, no more than 900 words, which simply featured Noah’s inner dialogue and conflict, as well as Max’s wish to help his brother be more open. 

Hearing that I got an honorary mention was better than I could have hoped for. This has been the third writing contest that I have submitted a short story to, and this is the first time I have received recognition of any kind. Knowing that my story was acknowledged and recognized has only encouraged me to continue what I am passionate about; writing, developing characters, and continuing my path into a future in creative writing. Now, with the recognition, I will use it to push me further into developing both Noah and Max, as well as my other characters in my future pieces. I could not be more grateful for this opportunity.


Assistant Education Director for Globeducate, Monica Fontán, said: “Congratulations to students who achieved gold, silver and bronze awards, to those whose creations earned an honorary mention – and to all students who participated. We all take pride in your efforts and creativity. The judges had a very difficult job but enjoyed viewing all of the work and the creativity inspired by the theme this year. Thank you to all involved for making this a fantastic competition.”

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