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The Difference Between a Tutor and a Private Course

The Difference Between a Tutor and a Private Course

Families often come to us and ask if we offer tutoring and it’s time to set the record straight. The short answer is no, we’re a high school that offers classes for credit. The long answer is a bit more complicated.  Like traditional tutoring companies, we offer students the opportunity to work one-on-one with teachers in a subject that they need extra support or flexibility in. But this is where the similarities end because unlike traditional tutoring services, we offer this support through private courses, which allow students to earn a credit at the end.

If you’re intrigued, read on for all the ways in which a private course differs from a traditional tutor.

One Teacher

A traditional tutor is there in a supporting role, helping students with homework, building prerequisite skills, or working through challenging aspects of the curriculum. A private teacher, at Blyth Academy, is a student’s sole support person. They will guide students through the material, create experiential and dynamic lessons and work with them through any challenges that may arise. With a private course, because students have a teacher’s undivided attention, there is generally no need for outside support.

Earn a Credit

When a student meets with their tutor, they are working toward gaining a credit at their home school. A private course is an efficient way to get a tremendous amount of support and attention while also working toward a credit. If all goes well, and the student puts in the work, they will get an Ontario credit at the end of 110 hours with their teacher.

Thoughtful Student-Teacher Pairing

The cornerstone of our promise to each family is that we provide an educational experience that has been tailored to meet each student where they are. That process starts at the point of registration, where we collect information on how each student learns best. From there, we go through our hiring process and ensure that we have selected a teacher who will work best with the student’s unique learning needs and goals.

Personalized Teaching & Learning

A tutor is following material set out by another teacher, who may or may not have tailored the work to the individual student. The first lesson of a private course will be a teacher getting to know their student. This will allow them to tailor their teaching style and lessons to the student's interests and strengths, while also following the curriculum as set out by the Ministry of Education.

Tailored Assessment & Evaluation

In the same vein of personalized teaching and learning, assessments in a private course can be organized so that it is playing to a student’s strengths, within reason. A private teacher can work with the student in ensuring that the type of assessments that are given speak to their strengths. This, of course, does not mean that if a student struggles with tests, they will not be given them. Teachers will work with students in preparing them for assessments they struggle with and will teach them the skills necessary to excel.

The Private Studies Program at Blyth Academy is essentially a partnership between traditional tutoring and schooling. It allows students to get one-on-one support while, at the same time, obtaining a high school credit. We offer private courses in-person at our various campuses as well as virtually, providing the best option to fit your needs. If this sounds like something that you might benefit from, please reach out to us by email at or by calling 416-488-9301.

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