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Top Ways our Guidance Counsellors Play an Impactful Role in the Lives of Our High School Students

Top Ways our Guidance Counsellors Play an Impactful Role in the Lives of Our High School Students

Over the past decade, the role of a Guidance Counsellor has changed tremendously, even more so in the past few years, as our youth face new challenges throughout their educational journeys. For example, I started my role as a Guidance Counsellor, not realizing the impact I would have on my students and how my relationships with my students could be life changing.

To a certain extent, Guidance Counsellors have become the front-line workers in the education system in terms of helping students with their mental health. Today, it is more common for students to come to Guidance when experiencing feelings of sadness and anxiety. We have become a safe place where they can express how they feel, and it is a space where they will not be judged. The beauty of Blyth Academy is that we have small intimate campuses that allow us to develop meaningful relationships with our students, so they feel comfortable speaking with us and being open and honest with us. This allows us to have deep and meaningful relationships with our students when having the following conversations:

Helping Students with Course Selection Based on Needs and Strengths

When helping our students choose courses suited to their needs and strengths during course selection because we know them so well. Once students have selected their classes, we can advise teachers on how to help them academically and through an IEP but also on a much deeper level in the classroom to allow them to flourish and build confidence in their studies.

Preparing Students Academically, Mentally, and Emotionally for Post-Secondary Applications & Program Selection

We help our Grade 12 students navigate the post-secondary application process through workshops, one-on-one support, editing of supplementary applications, and most importantly, helping decide which program and post-secondary institution they will most be successful in. Blyth Academy has a 98% acceptance rate for our students based on their strong academics and conscious decisions of where they want to go. We have created a University/College week that takes place twice throughout the year, which allows our students to get a "taste" of what is to come. This will enable them to be academically, mentally, and emotionally prepared and confidently begin their studies.

Providing Support to Families with Open Communication

It's not only the students we provide comfort to, but parents and guardians as well. There is open communication between parents and Guidance which provides them with a sense of ease knowing that there is someone at school looking out for their child and making it a point to ensure that they are happy and feel safe while they are in our care.

Students at Blyth are seen and heard thanks to the counsellors. No student can fall through the cracks with the level of attention that the Guidance Counsellors give their students. The principal is the brain of the school, but our counsellors are the heart. The heart at the center of it all that keeps the school a positive place.

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