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Limitless Training Systems Opens Brand New Athletic Training Facility Designed to Elevate Student-Athletes’ Performance

Limitless Training Systems Opens Brand New Athletic Training Facility Designed to Elevate Student-Athletes’ Performance

Blyth Academy is thrilled to share that Limitless Training Systems (LTS) has opened a brand-new training facility at The Wave Twin Rinks facility in Burlington, Ontario. This collaboration will provide student-athletes at the Blyth Academy Burlington campus with access to advanced dry land training and performance monitoring, enhancing their development in the academy’s hockey programs and custom sports programs. 

State-of-the-Art Training and Recovery Facilities

At the heart of this collaboration is LTS’ commitment to providing athletes with access to cutting-edge facilities. From traditional strength equipment like barbells and kettlebells to specialized performance technology, the gym is equipped to address the unique demands of each sport. Moreover, Limitless Training Systems has acquired the adjacent clinic, ensuring athletes have access to treatment plans and recovery services, including cool tubs, saunas, red light therapy, and Norma Tech equipment.

Data-Driven Performance Enhancement 

The staff at LTS pride themselves on being able to support athletic development in all areas of performance. By utilizing advanced testing equipment, the gym can gather detailed information on an athlete’s strength, speed and power output in areas that correlate with performance. This data-driven strategy allows for the creation of personalized programs that evolve over time, ensuring that each athlete’s training is optimized for their specific needs. 

Paul Ferri: A Visionary Leader  

Leading this innovative venture is Paul Ferri, the founder of LTS. With a rich background as a strength coach for NHL teams like the Florida Panthers and Winnipeg Jets, as well as experience in Russia’s KHL and WHL leagues, Paul brings a wealth of expertise to the table. His vision for a holistic approach to athlete development is embodied in the partnership with Blyth Academy and is carried out with the help of his team of CSCS qualified coaches. “We are excited to be a part of this collaboration here at The Wave,” he said. “As a full-scale strength conditioning facility with constant objective monitoring, we can deliver a program around a student based on where they need to improve and develop accurately. And if there are any asymmetries detected through testing and monitoring, we can use the clinic and treatment tools to create a full-scale program. We have access to the athletes five days a week, which allows for a real personalized approach.” 

Balancing Academics and Athletics

At Blyth Academy, the balance between academics and athletics is paramount. Students spend part of their day immersed in classroom learning, followed by an afternoon dedicated to training for their sport, which includes specific sports training and performance fitness training. This structured approach ensures that student athletes receive a well-rounded education while also excelling in their chosen sports. This collaboration is not just about training; it’s about nurturing the potential within each student. 

For more information on how this collaboration will benefit student-athletes at Blyth Academy, see below. 

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