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Introduction to Homeschooling and Online Learning

Introduction to Homeschooling and Online Learning

Homeschooling has become an increasingly popular choice for parents seeking alternative educational options for their children. With the rise of technology and the internet, the integration of online courses has further revolutionized homeschooling. Blyth Academy Online has been a valuable tool for homeschooled high school students for over nine years and we are thrilled to share the news of our expansion, now offering online elementary classes for grades 6 to 8. Much like our high school courses, these classes strictly adhere to the curriculum established by the Ministry of Ontario. Our dedicated team of experienced educators has meticulously designed these courses to ensure that students receive a comprehensive education that aligns with the highest standards set by the province.

This article explores how kids who are homeschooled can effectively take advantage of online courses. By embracing online education opportunities, homeschooling families can enhance their children's educational journey and provide them with a well-rounded and personalized learning experience.

Advantages and Benefits of Online Courses for Homeschooled Children

Scheduling Flexibility

One of the major advantages of online courses for homeschooled children is the flexibility they provide. Families can create their own schedules, allowing for more efficient time management. Children can progress at their own pace, dedicating more time to challenging subjects while moving quickly through materials they grasp easily.

Access to a Wide Range of Subjects and Resources

Online courses offer homeschooled children access to a diverse range of subjects that may not be readily available through traditional homeschooling methods. At Blyth Academy Online, we offer elementary courses for grades 6, 7, and 8 that encompass a diverse array of subjects including math, science, language, French, art, social studies, geography, and history. Our high school students can choose from over 160 courses including advanced math, English, science, photography, and block chain technology run by qualified instructors. Additionally, online resources, such as interactive videos and educational websites, enhance the learning experience.

Enhanced Digital Literacy and Technological Skills

By taking online courses, homeschooled children gain valuable digital literacy and technological skills. They become familiar with navigating online platforms, communicating, and submitting assignments digitally. These skills are increasingly necessary in today's digital age and will benefit them in future academic and professional endeavors.

Creating a Structured Schedule for Homeschooled Students Taking Online Courses

Design a Daily/Weekly Study Plan

Creating a schedule that incorporates both homeschooling activities and online courses is important. Designate specific time slots for each subject and ensure a balance between subjects to avoid overwhelming your child. Consider their energy levels and learning preferences when determining the most effective study plan.

Integrate Practical and Experiential Learning Opportunities

Let’s not forget the importance of hands-on experiences! Whether it's conducting science experiments in the kitchen or exploring historical sites in your town, finding ways to engage your child in real-world experiences will help them connect the dots between what they learn online and how it applies to the world around them.

Tracking Success in Online Courses for Homeschooled Children

Monitor Student Performance and Engagement

Keeping an eye on your child's performance and engagement in online courses is crucial to their success. Our parents can login to Brightspace to monitor their child’s progress, and pay attention to their level of participation, completion of assignments, and overall enthusiasm for the material.

Celebrate Achievements and Provide Constructive Feedback

Remember to celebrate your child's achievements along the way! When they complete a challenging module or show improvement in a particular subject, acknowledge their efforts, and reward their hard work. Additionally, providing constructive feedback is essential for their growth. Offer praise for their accomplishments but also guide them through areas where they can improve.

Most Frequently Ask Questions from Homeschooling Parents

When it comes to making significant decisions regarding your child, numerous questions naturally arise. We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the most asked questions by parents.

Can homeschooling parents enroll their children in online courses?

Yes, homeschooling parents have the flexibility to enroll their children in online courses. Online courses provide an excellent opportunity for homeschooled children to access a wide range of subjects and resources, learn from expert instructors, and interact with peers in a virtual learning environment. It allows parents to enhance their homeschooling curriculum with specialized courses and provides additional support in subjects where they may not have expertise.

How does asynchronous online learning work?

At Blyth Academy Online, all schoolwork is done independently as students make their way through the class modules at their own pace. Our courses have been meticulously prepared by the instructor, encompassing a combination of written lessons and engaging short videos. Unlike other educational institutions, we have consciously moved away from lengthy videos to ensure that students remain engaged throughout their learning journey. While students are granted a year to complete the course, many learners successfully finish within six to eight weeks. However, a more relaxed timeframe of three to four months is recommended for optimal comprehension.

What if my child needs help?

If students require assistance at any time, they can reach out to their assigned teacher through email or schedule a session during the teacher's set office hours. In addition, elementary and high school students in math and science have free access to unlimited live tutoring. Complimentary essay support is available to students enrolled in English and courses with a significant writing component.

What is the average mark that students usually attain?

We refrain from tracking averages since students seek our assistance for various purposes - some aim for exceptional grades, while others have more moderate goals. It is worth noting that most students leave satisfied with their academic performance. The greatest obstacle students face is procrastination. Online learning requires a great deal of self-motivation and time management. We build pacing guides in all of our courses to help students set their schedules and track progress. As parents, you can find ways to help them stay motivated, whether it's through goal setting, rewards, or setting aside dedicated study time. Help them develop good time management skills by establishing a routine and sticking to a schedule. Consistency is key!

What courses should my child take?

Every child’s needs are different, which is why we recommend making an appointment with one of our guidance counselors. We have a full-service guidance team who can help with course selection and later with post-secondary applications. To schedule a consultation with them, please email

How do I keep my child socialized?

Look for opportunities for your child to connect with other homeschoolers through local support groups, extracurricular activities, or online communities. Encourage them to participate in group projects or join clubs that align with their interests. By actively seeking out socialization opportunities, you can foster a well-rounded educational experience for your child.

For a full list of Blyth Academy Online courses, visit Courses Available.

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