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Blyth Academy Introduces Department Heads to Help Share Best Practices Across All Campuses

Blyth Academy Introduces Department Heads to Help Share Best Practices Across All Campuses

As part of our preparation for the 2023-24 academic year, we are excited to introduce new Heads of Department for mathematics, science, and English. In addition, we are introducing a Head of Department for instruction, assessment, and evaluation across all subjects. These leaders bring a wealth of knowledge to their respective fields and are instrumental in facilitating the growth and success of our students and staff. By leading the way, they will create a more robust curriculum, mentor teaching staff, and unify their respective departments across all campuses. In addition to having extensive educational backgrounds, these individuals also possess significant professional experience in their fields. This combination of knowledge and practical know-how will lead to an environment where teachers feel supported, and students are provided with a challenging curriculum that fosters growth and development. Our Chief Academic Officer, Kathy Young, said, “The Blyth Academy department heads will work to provide resources and expertise to foster exemplary teaching in all our schools. These teacher leaders are well positioned to act as mentors modelling and encouraging best practice in teaching and learning.” 

Here is a closer look at the Heads of Department at Blyth Academy: 


Stan Cohen, Head of Department: English 

Stan Cohen began his teaching career in England after receiving his English degree from Southampton Solent, and his teaching degree from Brunel University. Stan became the Head of Key Stage 3 for the English Department, meaning he was in charge of the teaching and learning for all students aged 11-14. He moved to Ontario in 2016 and joined Blyth Academy, where he has taught English with a passion, and lead various professional development activities for teachers - he is excited to bring this to the Head of Department role for English. Stan is also an avid reader (he loves Tolkien), enjoys adventure-based games, and is a huge football (‘soccer’) fan.


Brock Smrczek, Head of Department: Science 

Brock Smrczek has taught science and mathematics with Blyth Academy for four and a half years, at three campuses in the GTA, most recently with the Etobicoke team. He believes strongly that science doesn’t end when you leave the class, but instead the critical thinking and applications of the scientific method need to be applied in all aspects of life. Brock attended the University of Ottawa, where he received a B.Sc. (Hons) with a major in chemistry and a minor in mathematics as well as a B.Ed. focusing on urban schooling. Brock looks forward to working with his colleagues on how best to unify the science departments from across our campuses so they can provide students with the best we have to offer. This way, every student can leave our classes knowing they’re prepared to thrive in their post-secondary adventures.  


David Trochanowski, Head of Department: Mathematics 

David Trochanowski heads the mathematics department at Blyth Academy. He has been a teacher at Blyth Academy for nine years and has taught at several campuses, including Mississauga, Yorkville, Orbit, and Lawrence Park. David believes in the importance of fostering a mathematical mindset. He helps students discover the “why” behind mathematics and is an advocate of using technology in the classroom to support active participation and a multifaceted understanding. David holds a Joint Specialist Hon. B.Sc. in Mathematics and Philosophy from the University of Toronto, a B.Ed. from OISE/UT, and a Master of Mathematics for Teachers from the University of Waterloo. In his spare time, he is an avid classical pianist, bird watcher and nature photographer. 


Krista Guescini, Head of Department: Instruction, Assessment and Evaluation

Krista Guescini, or Mrs. G as she is known by her students, has been with Blyth Academy since August of 2015 as a mathematics teacher. She holds degrees in psychology, mathematics, and education, and is passionate about student engagement. It is her goal to make education relatable and fun, by teaching students how to take ownership and be the masters of their own learning, through goal setting and self-reflection. In her spare time, she is an outdoor enthusiast and trivia buff, as well as the founder of Blyth Academy Ottawa’s Reach for the Top team (now Blyth Academy the Glebe).  

The addition of these talented individuals will greatly enhance our school’s academic offerings while also creating a collaborative culture that values innovation and progress. 


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