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Blyth Academy Relaunches International Summers Travel Program in Partnership with Georgia Hardy Tours

Blyth Academy Relaunches International Summers Travel Program in Partnership with Georgia Hardy Tours

Blyth Academy has announced the return of its popular International Summers program for July 2023. They have partnered with Georgia Hardy Tours, a respected educational travel provider since 1987 to offer two summer credit programs to Greece/Italy and Costa Rica. The Blyth Academy International Summers program last ran in 2020, before the start of the pandemic. As the world returns to travel, Blyth Academy is reintroducing students to new and exciting opportunities abroad. 

The Blyth Academy International Summers program has seen more than 50,000 students earn Ontario credits since 1977. These courses follow the Ontario Curriculum and are delivered in an engaging, experiential format while maintaining academic rigour and integrity. The program offers a safe, structured, and empathetic environment where young people thrive in destinations that offer boundless opportunities for the eager and curious. 

a group of teenagers and their teacher holding a Canadian flag in front of old buildings in Florence

George Hardy, President of Georgia Hardy Tours says: “Georgia Hardy Tours (GHT) is delighted to partner with Blyth Academy and support international learning experiences for students. With more than 35 years of travel expertise, GHT is excited to share our extensive knowledge of destinations, develop teen-specific itineraries, and support Blyth Academy teachers as they make the world their classroom! These summer programs promise to deliver excellent academic and cultural experiences, immersive local activities, good food and great fun for students. Parents can rest assured the combined experience of GHT and Blyth Academy will ensure their children are safe, supervised and engaged in meaningful learning.” 

Kathy Young, Blyth Academy Chief Academic Officer says: “The high school students that participate in International Summers are from public and private schools across Canada, the U.S., and beyond. They bring a wonderful mix of ethnic, religious, and social backgrounds to both the programs, and to one another. We teach students to value many things, from independence, team building, and self-discipline to leadership and curiosity. Most of all, the students learn to thrive in a global environment that respects and celebrates diversity. Much of the students’ personal growth occurs outside the formal curriculum — field trips and excursions play a vital role in learning.” 

The staff are selected for their expertise, teaching abilities, and empathy. They are committed to experiential education in a way that brings learning to life. What’s more, their dedication to personalized education enables them to match each student’s learning style to the curriculum and their own expectations. 

For information about the 2023 Blyth Academy International Summers:

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