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Globeducate Student Leadership Summit 2023 in England: Day 3

Globeducate Student Leadership Summit 2023 in England: Day 3

Leadership Presentation Day

Greetings from across the pond, 

We've reached the third and final day of our summit in the UK. I've been quite impressed with our students' navigational skills as they are frequently seen zipping through the city in groups, parading the coffee shops and shopping in their free time. After three days, you'd think they live here  - which just goes to highlight the success of this cultural exchange.

Throughout the conference, students have been harnessing their leadership skills on this journey to represent Blyth Academy and Canada among our Globeducate network of schools. They've worked through multiple seminars, projects and presentations to receive constructive feedback in the build up that is our conclusive day of presentations. 

With the remaining day ahead, students have been tasked with a collaborative research and inquiry task to present on a world leader, either past or present, that has demonstrated true qualities of a leader in addition to the theoretical underpinnings studied this week. Working together with peers from across the globe, our students divided up into several groups for a morning of in-depth research. 

With support from faculty and staff, students were guided to research and present on a series of recent and historic individuals from Cleoptra to Stonar's very own, Mrs. Bennett. From morning inquiry to lunch, afternoon presentations took place in the assembly hall in front of the judges, including Headmaster Way, Mrs. Bennett, and myself. 

I am proud to report that the confidence and charisma exuded from this group is a testament to the strong connections, seminars, and friendships made while abroad. In just under a week, Globeducate students were able to come together, learn from one another, and showcase perspectives, which only goes to highlight our mandate of shaping the world. 

After Headmaster Way's keynote address and feedback, students spent their evening conversing at York House before making our way out to a social gathering in the nearby town of Atworth. From the school to the town, students ventured through the English countryside to enjoy an evening of food and skittles - a local English sport and enjoyable pastime. Many photographs were taken along the sunset path with memorable moments shared by all.

"The Stonar leadership summit was an excellent opportunity to learn more about myself and meet many interesting people. The events at the conference helped me understand the type of leader I am and how to improve my leadership skills. On top of that, the connections I made with the other students taught me about different cultures and led to several friendships. We were also given the opportunity to learn about English culture, explore the historic city of Bath and see many of its most prominent landmarks. Overall, I was able to meet interesting people, visit a world heritage city, and learn more about myself and how to be an effective leader."
- Anthony


On behalf of our campuses, we would like to extend an immense thank you to the Stonar School for welcoming us from across the globe for this opportunity to strengthen our student leaders at the campuses. The lessons learned and relationships formed will forever be remembered by our students, and also, our principal. We cannot wait to see what next year's leadership summit brings!

Yours in the United Kingdom, 

Nicholas Catania
Principal of Blyth Academy Mississauga

What is this school trip all about?

Students from the Blyth Academy Mississauga, Burlington, and The Glebe campuses embarked on a trip to England to attend the 2023 Globeducate Student Leadership Summit at the Stonar School in England. This event brings seniors students from 23 Globeducate schools together for a three-day, symposium. Students from Canada, Europe and India joined the event to develop their leadership skills, both in theory and practice. 

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