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Blyth Academy Students Compete in Global Model United Nations Event in Nice, France

Blyth Academy Students Compete in Global Model United Nations Event in Nice, France

A group of senior students from Blyth Academy Etobicoke and Burlington campuses were proud to travel and participate in the 7th annual Globeducate MUN event, held in Nice, France and co-hosted by ISN Nice and Mougins British International School. 

The Globeducate Model United Nations is one of six annual events that bring students together from across 55+ schools in 10 countries and three continents. This is the first time since the pandemic that the Globeducate MUN was able to be held in person. 

At the Opening Ceremony of the VII Globeducate MUN, Grade 12 ISN Nice student Edison welcomed all 31 schools to the event and introduced ISN Nice Director Mel Curtis, who encouraged participants to find their voices over the next three days. Then Nick Danzinger, a renowned photojournalist who has travelled the world capturing images of the most dispossessed and disadvantaged, shared some of his photos with us whilst speaking about the situations of extreme poverty he has witnessed. "We all want to be judged by the content of our character, not by the colour of our skin, opinions, thoughts or sexual orientation" - Nick Danzinger, MUN Opening Ceremony Guest Speaker. 

After the opening ceremony, the student delegates were invited to get to know one another in group meetings with ice-breaker activities and initial discussions. The closing words of Nick Danzinger certainly set the tone for the conference: 
"You've been given opportunities and choices that others don't have - hand them down to others. Leave the planet in a better place than you received it, and fight for rights of what others dream of." 

What followed was two intense days of presentations, debate, and amending and passing resolutions. Teachers present at the event were deeply impressed with the confidence, maturity and passion shown by all participants for the important and very relevant subjects covered during the conference. 

In the words of our students: 

Anthony S., student delegate from Blyth Academy Burlington: “Attending the Model UN was an exciting opportunity. It allowed me to meet various new and interesting people, some of whom I am still friends with. It also provided a platform to debate relevant geopolitical topics with a knowledgeable group. In conclusion, Model UN allowed me to make friends, learn about interesting topics and explore the world.” 

Jonny, student delegate from Blyth Academy Etobicoke: “As a part of the Economic and Social Council, I collaborated with fellow delegates to find resolutions to the complex topics of Poverty, and Political Corruption. The event was a great learning experience, creating an opportunity to develop public speaking, critical thinking, and networking skills. Globeducate MUN was more than an educational experience, it was a chance to make permanent connections with people from different backgrounds.”  

Jack, student delegate from Blyth Academy Etobicoke: “Ever since I had the opportunity, I’ve been heavily involved in Model United Nations. Being able to travel to France and participate in an in-person conference is an experience I will never forget. I was able to meet tons of great people and I made lots of great connections. It is so amazing to see so many people come together and discuss our common interest: global politics. Model United Nations has helped guide me to my interest in law. I am so grateful for the opportunities I’ve had because of MUN.” 

For more information about Globeducate Events, click here.

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