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Blyth Academy Students Shine at the Globeducate Debates 2024

Blyth Academy Students Shine at the Globeducate Debates 2024

The annual Globeducate Debates, held over three days, brought together 50 student teams from 28 Globeducate schools worldwide. These young minds showcased their critical thinking, public speaking, and teamwork skills, making the event a great success.

Blyth Academy Burlington: A Small School with a Big Impact 

Though a small campus, Blyth Academy Burlington boasts a robust Debating Society. “The weekly debates typically involve four to eight students, but with exceptional debate topics, the student lounge can become full of eager students,” said Blyth Academy Burlington teacher, Ms. Lilliman.

The dedicated teachers—Ms. Lilliman (Math), Mr. Syed (Science), and Mr. Cohen (Head of English)—routinely support our students as they explore diverse topics, from “Is nuclear warfare a justified response to an attack?” to "Are Crocs shoes?” 

Globeducate Debates: A Tradition of Excellence  

For five consecutive years, Blyth Academy Burlington has actively participated in the Globeducate Debates. This year, our students formed two teams, with hopes of expanding to three as the school grows. The Grade 9-10 team—comprising Sama, Nala, and Izza—debated the topic of “Sport always brings communities together” while Kavin from Grade 7 elementary chaired the discussion. Our Grade 11-12 team, including Tony, Kaitlin, and Seth (with Kane as the researcher), tackled the issue of "Big business’s indifference to the Sustainable Development Goals." 

The True Essence of Debating   

Mrs. Lilliman said, “Our teams won, thanks to their hard work. It was an awesome experience.” Beyond the victory, our students relished the debate itself. “They prepare diligently, practice their roles, and stay late to receive feedback.” 

The Globeducate Debates provides a platform for well-researched, polished presentations by incredible debating teams. Seth H., one of our debaters, received special recognition from the judges as Outstanding Debater. 

Globeducate’s Education Director, Oanh Crouch, said, "Participating in the Globeducate Debates empowers students to develop critical thinking, public speaking, and teamwork skills. This event nurtures confidence and fosters a spirit of intellectual curiosity, preparing our students to become thoughtful leaders and effective communicators in their future endeavours." 

As we celebrate our achievements, we recognize that it’s intellectual curiosity, camaraderie, and spirited discussions that truly matter. Congratulations to all our participants and may the tradition of excellence continue!  

To learn more about the global opportunities open to our students as members of Globeducate, see below. 

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