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Blyth Academy students participate at Globeducate Model United Nations 2022

Blyth Academy students participate at Globeducate Model United Nations 2022

The Globeducate Model United Nations (MUN) event took place from March 30 to April 1 and was hosted by ISN in Nice, France. It is one of six global events on the Globeducate calendar that brought together students from across nine countries including those from Blyth Academy Etobicoke, Blyth Academy Mississauga and Blyth Academy Burlington. The event was an opportunity for students to develop their skills and to learn the difference they can make as global citizens, to shape the world.

Debate topics this year echoed the mission of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals set for 2030 and fall under the usual themes of Eco Society, Security Council, Historical Security Council, NATO and Human Rights Council and included Sustainable use of Natural Resources, Regularisation of Cryptocurrencies, Humanitarian Aid and Political stability in Yemen, and Arms Trade - preventing terrorism, and Ensuring Freedom of Speech.

MUN is an engaging, inspiring and character-building exercise for students to develop and hone their skills in public speaking, group communication, negotiation, conflict resolution, and writing and editing. A great example of this is Blyth Academy Etobicoke student, Michael M. who won the Best Delegate Award in the Historical Security Council. Blyth Academy Etobicoke teacher and leader of the Blyth ET MUN team, Aman Sawhney, said, “It was an absolute delight to hear about Michael M.’s award. This event was an excellent way for students to interact with students who were in different continents and time-zones and understand their views on issues such as freedom of speech, political stability, and humanitarian aid among others. Students were encouraged to keep thinking critically about the global issues and develop the rhetoric to put their viewpoints succinctly.”

The student participants at Blyth Academy Etobicoke agree that the experience was eye opening.

“I enjoyed the Model UN Security Council and the debates that surrounded them. The world of geopolitics is something everyone needs to understand to have an educated worldview. To get a glimpse into the diplomacy of our world was a great experience,” said Grade 11 student, Jonny A.

“My experience with Model UN was fantastic! I loved collaborating and working with different students from around the world to find a resolution for our assigned crisis. Model UN has helped me to improve my debating skills as well as help me to better articulate myself. Overall, I had a great experience and would do it again,” said Grade 11 student, Kaden C.

In the weeks leading up to the event, students across our campuses worked hard to prepare and understand the issues in order to make a real difference.

“While participating in Model UN with other Gobeducate schools, we discussed world problems such as sexual harassment and trafficking, and freedom of speech. As delegates, we passed laws and implemented funding and system to make sure people are safe and free. We debated clauses and subclauses perfecting the resolutions that we eventually passed. It was an enjoyable and educational experience,” said Remy, Grade 11 student from Blyth Academy Burlington.

Thanks to hard work and preparation, students were successful in persuading the committee to pass their amendments.

"As the delegate of Afghanistan in the Human Rights Committee, I was able to express my viewpoint, participate in debate, and ultimately have a chance to persuade the committee to pass my amendment regarding journalists safety under the topic freedom of speech. Being a MUN first-timer, I learned a lot from my highly experienced and talented fellow delegates in areas including speech, pitching, drafting resolutions, and debating. Looking forward to attending in-person events next year!” said Blyth Academy Mississauga student, Yifan Ivan Lin.

ISN Nice´s MUN coordinator, Sergio Galvis, has been running this global event at ISN Nice for three years. He says, “As ISN coordinator I get to facilitate, educate and inspire students, putting together their interest into concrete educated arguments ready for debate. I get to remind them to believe in themselves: that speaking to hundreds of people and persuading them to their point of view is possible. I get to praise them by training and welcoming them to the team, which allows me to see their progress as we participate in conferences over the academic years. I get to cheer for them, no matter how poorly they believe they are doing, I am there to tell them to never give up on themselves."

MUN clubs across Blyth Academy campuses are growing every year. As part of the Globeducate family, our students have opportunities for global travel for future Globeducate MUN events. It not only improves their skills in critical thinking and leadership but it exposes them to new cultures and the world around them. Teacher & Director of the Blyth ET MUN Team, Janakan Muthukumar, said, “Witnessing our students transform into leading diplomats to work together to address a global issue - seeing them researching, debating, and coming up with practical solutions - indicates that the Globeducate MUN is so much more than just a simulation. It’s an experiential learning platform where students learn more about global issues and international politics and have the opportunity to demonstrate their critical thinking and leadership skills.”

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