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Parents Ask: How Does Night School Work in a Private School Setting?

Parents Ask: How Does Night School Work in a Private School Setting?

Are you searching for a more personalized and supportive learning environment for your child? Night school offers a flexible alternative for students who may not thrive in a traditional daytime setting. It can truly empower students who are looking to recover credits, earn their diploma, boost their grades, or get ahead. With our night school courses, they receive the advantages of a private school education, with small class sizes and one-on-one teacher support. 

To give you an understanding of what to expect in our courses, we have compiled some commonly asked questions from parents: 

1. Can my child attend night school while still enrolled in regular daytime classes at their home school? 

A: Yes, our night school programs are designed to accommodate students enrolled in regular daytime classes at a different school, allowing students to attend night school outside of their regular school hours. Students have the option to attend classes in-person at our Toronto campus or participate in virtual teacher-led classes from the comfort of their own homes. 

2. Will my child receive the same quality of education in night school as they would in regular daytime classes? 

A: Our night school program is designed to provide the same quality of education as our regular daytime classes. Students will receive individualized attention, support and the type of experiential learning that has become the hallmark of our campuses. Students will also benefit from our small class sizes. On average, our classes have between 8-12 students. 

3. How does your one-on-one teacher support work in night school, and how often can my child access it? 

A: One-on-one teacher support means that your child will receive personalized assistance from their instructors. Our small classes allow for frequent support where students can ask questions and teachers can get to know each students’ learning style. This is done directly in-class, through email, and during teacher office hours, which run after each class, from 8:00 p.m. -9:30 p.m. 


4. Is night school only for students who are struggling academically, or can high-achievers benefit from it as well? 

A: Night school caters to a diverse range of students. It is not solely for those facing academic challenges. High-achieving students can benefit from the smaller class sizes, personalized attention, and accelerated coursework options available in night school. 

5. How does night school prepare students for post-secondary and future careers? 

A: Our night school courses instill valuable skills such as time management, self-discipline, and personalized learning strategies. These skills are crucial for success in post-secondary and beyond. 

6. Can my child still socialize and build friendships in night school? 

A: Yes, group projects and collaborative learning experiences are often part of the night school experience, fostering a sense of community among students. 

7. How do I enrol my child in night school, and what is the admission process like? 

A: The process is simple and only a few clicks away. You can enrol directly online here or contact our Admissions department at or 416-960-3552 to enrol today. 

Looking for other part-time options?

At Blyth Academy we offer a variety of flexible options to meet your educational needs. Join us in July or August for a summer school session, take a term-by-term course or browse our full list of on-demand online courses.

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