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Blyth Academy announces collaboration with Shorelight

Advancing Blyth Academy Student Applications to Top Universities in the United States

Blyth Academy is proud to announce a new agreement with Shorelight, which will provide students interested in an international education enrollment support to 21 of the top 150 tier-one undergraduate American universities. Through Shorelight, students will have access to a simple portal to fast track the U.S. admissions process in two to four weeks instead of the standard time of two to four months.

This agreement will help simplify the application process and eliminate unnecessary obstacles for domestic and international Blyth Academy students who are applying to U.S. universities. Depending on the university, students will be able to transfer credits seamlessly through College Board Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate and previous university-level coursework.

Blyth Academy students will also automatically gain access to signature school scholarships which are based on academic merit. The scholarships range in amount based on a university’s tuition and can be up to 40%.  Through Shorelight, Blyth students will have a dedicated university advocate to assist them through each step and to remain in close contact with university admissions to ensure timely results.

"Shorelight works to provide international students with streamlined application processing and enrollment support to a world class education in the U.S. We are excited to support Blyth students by simplifying the application process and providing individualized support services when students reach campus to ensure each student is on the path to reaching their academic and professional goals,” Nicole Steeves, recruitment manager at Shorelight, said.
Blyth Academy students also have the opportunity to take part in an innovative first year pathway, American Collegiate at either UCLA (Los Angeles, CA) or American University (Washington, DC). During this time, they will work with a transfer advisor, receiving personal guidance and building their academic and personal qualifications to transfer to a top-ranked university in the United States or globally. Upon successful completion of the program, students gain the benefits of an alumni network from both their American Collegiate university and their transfer institution whose members are connected professionally throughout the world.
“This is a great opportunity for Blyth Academy domestic and international students looking to further their academics in post-secondary in the United States. International applications can be difficult to navigate and our agreement with Shorelight eliminates the unnecessary obstacles for a streamlined application and scholarship process,” said Kathy Young, Blyth Academy Chief Academic Officer.

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