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13-year-old Blyth Academy Online Graduate Becomes Youngest Student at Concordia University

13-year-old Blyth Academy Online Graduate Becomes Youngest Student at Concordia University

Thirteen-year-old, Haneen Yousef, recently finished Grades 9 to 12 in less than a year, at her own pace, as a Blyth Academy Online student. This fall, she is heading to Concordia University to complete a bachelor’s degree in English as the youngest student on campus. In a recent article for CBC, Haneen and her mother, Doaa Abou Sharbin, talked about her accelerated path as a gifted child and how Blyth Academy Online offered her the flexibility to complete her high school diploma early.

“As a parent and a student, the experience with Blyth Academy Online was fulfilling because it gave Haneen what she always wanted: The structure and the ability to finish at her own pace,” said Haneen’s mother, Doaa Abou Sharbin.

“The kind of courses and material covered allowed for Haneen to flourish and explore many different subjects she had interest in or was curious about. The range and selection of electives also allowed for Haneen to orient herself and discover her love for English literature and writing.”

Though Blyth Academy Online courses are self-paced, Haneen was supported by a team of Blyth Academy Online teachers and on-demand tutors that enhanced her experience online. This along with virtual course material, exams and regular online testing, she was able to have a high school experience that provided opportunities to learn new online skills.

“The teachers were supportive, quick, and available. Many of the teachers were phenomenal and went above-and-beyond to help encourage Haneen,” said Doaa Abou Sharbin. “Having courses that are structured with testing and homework and using technology to enhance learning made it easy for her to focus and to use the technological methods she likes in the process. It was like having a regular high school class but online and at the student's own pace, which definitely helped Haneen in finishing her courses in the timeframe she wanted to.” 

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